Slab Foundations

Concrete Slab/Slab on Grade Foundation


The Expansive Soil Conditions found in South & Central Texas demand that we offer choices in Concrete Slab Foundation repairs such as Pressed Steel Piers & Pressed Concrete Pile Piers. Allen's exceeds industry standards by pushing our piers, when possible, to 10,000 PSI for a longer lasting repair. Understanding the way your concrete slab foundation is built will help you understand our repair methods.

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Texas is known for it’s expansive clay soil called “Gumbo” which is responsible for most foundation movement. Most clay soils by nature shrink and expand with a change in moisture. According to the TexasA&M AgriLife Extension Service, (pg 2 #4)
“A clay soil will increase in volume both horizontally and vertically when it’s moisture content increases. The same soil will shrink in all directions when the moisture content decreases and the soil dries. Some clays exhibit little change while others undergo appreciable change. Most clays in Texas are of the moderate to high volume change types.”
Your foundation can be likened to a wire that you bend back and forth–the constant bending of up and down eventually breaks the wire. This is the same up and down movement that cause your foundation to crack, break and move.

Unfortunately, the age of your home is not a determining factor as to if or when you will have foundation problems.

Concrete Pressed Pile Pier