La Vernia is a small city with a big city heart. The vibrancy of the town is only matched by that of the people that live in it. With about 2000 households, there is a sufficient population to create a unique culture. The center of all this is harmonious and peaceful living in each of the households.

This makes housing an important part of the community living. However, houses are susceptible to some problems that are common in the wider Texas state. Among these problems is the problem of foundation heaving and settlement. We are familiar with this phenomenon since the geology of Texas predisposes house foundation to instability right from the onset.

Allen's Foundation & Remodelling

Allen's Foundation is the premier contractor company for foundation repairs in La Vernia. As a veteran company, run by a family, we are dedicated to providing the best foundation repair services in the timely and efficient manner. Judging from the A rating that we have garnered from Better Business Bureau, you can tell that we put our best foot forward in every job we undertake.

Repair Services That We Offer

At Allen's Foundation, we are proficient in conducting mobile house foundation repairs, Slab Jacking, Pier and beam repairs just to mention a few. Slab jacking involves drilling a hole in the portion of the foundation that is slating. Thereafter, a grout mixture is pumped into the hole that has been drilled, thus raising that section of the foundation to the overall level of the foundation. This method is particularly efficient in repairing the foundation with minimum disturbance to the overall house.

Foundation piering involves lifting the foundation of the house back to its original level, then driving steel shafts into the ground in order to remedy foundation settlement. This corrects settlement as well as heaving of the foundation of the building.

Causes Of Foundation Of Settlement And Heaving In La Vernia

There many causes of foundation settlement and heaving but the main influencing factor is the fact that La Vernia has somewhat an unstable soil profile. The soil is usually loose thus it does not provide a strong base for foundation setting. Other factors that can cause these phenomena include erosion of the fill dirt and the fill dirt not being compacted well during the construction of the foundation.

However, over time, even the most stable foundation are bound to experience settlement, heaving or a combination of both. If you find yourself in such a situation, contact Allen's Foundation & Remodeling for the best repair job to your foundation.