Kenedy is the unique city and probably the most community-focused city in Texas owing to its unique culture and its undeniable ties to German heritage. It is one of the best places to own a house in and also to live in. With a sense of community infused in every aspect of living, there is a sense of togetherness that fills the Kenedy's atmosphere every single day.

However, just as it is in other areas in the wider Texas, houses in this city tend to be susceptible to foundation problems, with the main problem being foundation settlement. Foundation settlement is one of the most widely experienced problems that tend to threaten the structural integrity of the homes in Kenedy. If you have fallen victim to this phenomena, fret not, Allen’s Foundation & Remodeling got you covered

Causes Of Foundation Settlement And It Signs

Foundation settlement is usually a result of a myriad of causes; in many cases a combination of different causes. One of the causes is a poor compaction of the fill dirt during the laying of the foundation, which causes some parts of the foundation to be unstable. Soil erosion of the dirt fill can also cause foundation settlement.

However, Kenedy's soil profile plays one the most important role in causing foundation settlement. The soil around the city is many made up of loose soil that do not offer great resistance and thus they do not offer great foundation setting. There is little that can be done with regards to the soil content but a well-compacted fill dirt should remedy this to some extent.

Allen’s Foundation

Fixing problems with your foundation requires intricate analysis, planning and bull’s eye implementation of the repair work. As you can figure out, this is not an every Jack’s job. It requires technical expertise, specialized equipment and more importantly, hands-on experience by the repairmen. This is exactly what you get with Allen’s Foundation.

We vastly experienced in conducting pier and beam repairs, slab repairs, mobile home foundation repairs among other services. Foundation piering is usually done for homes that are experiencing wide-scale foundation settlement. Slab jacking is widely employed to remedy point foundation settlement or settlement that on a shorter scale.

Our expert crew performs analysis on every case and acquaints themselves with the every individual case. Thereafter, they advise homeowners on the best cause of action, taking into account the home owner’s budget limitations and the severity of the problem.

Do you need foundation repairs in Kenedy, contact Allen’s Foundation & Remodeling for top notch services!