Cuero, since its inception in 1836 has provided a community-based living environment to its residents. With over one thousand households, there is a vibrant life that exudes a sense community like no other. However, there is always that one thing that threatens to ruin the surreal life in this city - foundation structural problems such as heaving and settlement.

Foundation settlement is a situation where foundation sinks as a whole or in part, thereby resulting in tilted slab.Heaving is where a rise occurs, with the end result being the same. This problem manifests itself in various parts of the house where various doors do not close properly as they do not fit in the door frame. This problem is experienced in the windows as well. Another tell-tale sign of foundation sinking is the formation of cracks on the walls.

Learning About Foundation Problems From The Cracks

There are different cracks and each type of crack being indicative of different structural problems in the foundation. Vertical or nearly vertical cracks on the walls are signs that on or both ends of the foundation is experiencing settlement, especially if the cracks widen as they rise along the wall. It may also indicate heaving in the middle section.

Conversely, if the cracks are wider at the bottom section of the wall, it is usually a sign of settlement of the middle section of the foundation or heaving at one or both ends of the foundation. Horizontal cracks are indicative of the foundation suffering from lateral pressure from the soil.

As you would imagine, such phenomena occurring spell dooms on your house’s structural integrity. If this persists you may end up losing not only your foundation but you house as well.

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