Facts About Foundation Repairs For Austin Residents.

DJN886 The Austin Skyline in Austin, Texas, shines on a late afternoon. The iconic Austin highrises are reflected in Lady Bird Lake.

The Austin Skyline in Austin, Texas, shines on a late afternoon. The iconic Austin highrises are reflected in Lady Bird Lake.

It is common for residents of Austin to be concerned when they have foundation repairs that need to be done. Some local residents put off these repairs for fear that the cost will be too high for them. Here we will discuss what Austin residents need to know about foundation repair.

If I Notice A Crack How Do I Know If It Is Big Enough To Worry About?

A crack in the foundation that is more than a quarter inch is enough to warrant having a professional examine your foundation to see if it is in need of repair. Additionally it is common to see cracks that go up, then sideways, then up again like steps. This is another sign that your foundation is in need of repair.

When you find these types of conditions it is not enough to just repair them. There is a reason the damage has occurred. You need to discover what the reason is and fix that so that the condition does not reappear.

Why Did My Foundation Begin To Crack?

Unfortunately, one of the most common reasons for foundation damage when no external reason exist, is builder error. In hard economic times, builders sometimes try to cut corners. If steel rods are not put in place to reinforce the concrete when it is laid then it can easily crack after some time. If the foundation block was not filled solid, or the footer was made to thin, then again it is structurally weak and susceptible to cracks.

Another common problem that leads to damage of the foundation is water. If a lot of water accumulates, it makes the soil expand and this puts pressure on the foundation. In time this will lead to cracks.

If you are concerned that water has caused the damage, you will want to check the drains of the house to see if they are in good working order. Then see of the ground around the foundation has sufficient grading to allow for water to move away from the home, rather than to stagnate which can lead to problems.

Is Your Foundation Slanted?

If your foundation has become uneven for any reason you will need to have a professional come and look at it. Any significant cracks will need to be repaired and then strong braces will need to be placed to sufficiently support the foundation and prevent any further movement.

How Much Do Repairs Cost?

There are many aspects that would first need to be determined before any reasonable estimate could be made. Allen's enjoys being able to tell a handfull of our customers that they do not need any foundation repairs.

If you are an Austin resident, the important thing to remember is that cracks or other damage to the foundation of your home will only get worse and more expensive the longer you delay having the necessary repairs.

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