Ten Reasons to Choose Allen’s | warranty

When you choose a Contractor, it should be a long term relationship knowing that you are trusting them with your peace of mind and your home.

  1. Will Allen’s Foundation explain what is going on with my home?
    Yes! We believe that if a customer understands their home’s problem & what
    is causing that problem, then they will understand the methods of repair
    suggested and which one is best for their home.
  2. Can Allen’s Foundation provide me with pictures of what is under my home?
    Yes. If you have a pier & beam or mobile home foundation, we can do an
    Exploratory Investigation. We will take pictures of your home’s foundation for
    you to review. Most customers are quite surprised to see what is under their
  3. Is Allen’s Foundation licensed?
    Yes. We are currently licensed in cities all over South Central Texas, as
    required to perform our work.
  4. Does Allen’s Foundation pull city permits?
    Yes. We pull permits as required by the cities we work in.
  5. Does Allen’s Foundation have insurance?
    Yes. The cities we currently work in require it.
  6. Does Allen’s Foundation use an Engineer?
    Yes. Most cities require an engineer and that he performs the inspections.
  7. How does Allen’s Foundation leave the work site when complete?
    Our customers appreciate that we pay close attention to detail and leave the
    site as clean as possible, removing all job debris.
  8. Does Allen’s Foundation provide a warranty?
    Yes. It is ten years on concrete slab or pier & beam foundations. We are the
    only company that provides a mobile home warranty.
  9. Does Allen’s Foundation transfer their warranty?
    Yes. All warranties are transferable to a new home owner upon request.
  10. Does Allen’s Foundation put everything in writing?
    Yes. We provide our customers with a Bid, which spells out the complete
    scope of work and a contract which covers legalities and our warranty.
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